Happy New Year?

By Amanda Bala

Does the upcoming year fill you with anticipation of productivity and motivate you to achieve your best business year yet?  Or does it fill you with an overwhelming sense of dread and worry about how you will accomplish all that you desire for your company?  Hopefully, it is the first, but if not, then this is the article for you.  We aim to help you with a few simple ideas that can help you to a better, brighter 2012!

As with any new beginning, one of the most important things you can do is to set a list of goals for your company.  Make sure that the goals are attainable, yet challenging.  You do not want to set impossible goals that you have no way of obtaining.  However, you do not want the goals to be so easy that you will achieve them all by February.  These should be long term ideas that will keep your actively working to achieve them throughout the year.

During this upcoming year be sure to reach out to your existing clients.  Show them how special and important they are.  Maybe try and create an exclusive offer just for them.  Remember that they are the reason why your company is where it is.  If not for their business, you would not have yours.

Figure out your best time of day.  Every person has a time when they are focused and not as easily distracted.  This is the time when you will be the most productive.  Try and use this time to your advantage.  Work these hours, if you can, and it will save you time.  You will find yourself getting more accomplished and wasting less time.  As we all know, time equals money.

Try to avoid continuously checking your email and voicemail throughout the day.  On a normal day, it is more time effective to pick a couple of times to check your email and voicemail and reply to all of the messages at one time.  Again, your time is valuable.  Do not waste it.

One of the toughest things about having your own business is knowing when enough is enough. Do not spread yourself too thin.  Say no if you are too busy.  Though the better alternative is too seek out help.  Hire someone to assist you with smaller tasks or areas that you may not be an expert in.  If you’re spread to thin your work and business will suffer.

The New Year should hold the hope and promise of a great year for your company.  Manage your time, set your goals, and work to achieve them and you will have your best year yet!  Happy New Year from Delicious Marketing!

Life Lessons We can Learn from Steve Jobs

By Amanda Bala

While it is true that an icon has passed on well before his time, we can all agree that there is a lot to be learned from Steve Jobs.  He was a true visionary, an innovator that never gave up on his dream. He had a rare creative genius that we may never see the likes of again in our lifetime. 

At the beginning, Jobs main focus was to ensure that the creativity and “enchantment” of the computer industry never died.  Up until the time of his passing, he never lost that focus.  He was widely respected for his drive and straight forward thinking. He taught product designers, software techs, business execs and the public more about what we need in digital products rather than what we think we want. 

Many times over the years, Jobs and Apple were considered down and out, yesterday’s news.  However, not only did Jobs never see it that way… he never gave up trying.  Even when he parted ways with Macintosh for a short while in the mid 80’s, he remained focused and set on what he wanted for the computer industry. 

It was at this time, Jobs took a leap of faith and purchased Pixar in 1986.  This was long before anyone had ever thought of doing a full CGI film. In the beginning, Jobs did not even envision that.  Pixar started off by making computer generated 3-D objects, not movies.  But once again, Jobs used his vision and managerial skills and listened to his team.  The result… Toy Story. The rest is CGI history! 

Once reunited with Apple, Jobs knew that it was more important to have a quality product that people loved and would remain loyal to, rather than mass produce a bunch of merchandise that would leave users frustrated and shopping around for a new brand.  While other computer companies discount, rebate and wheel and deal with the best of them, Jobs felt that even if they only catered to 5% of the population, he would create a quality product that would keep that 5% loyal and happy.  And he succeeded.

Even after his passing, Jobs vision and influence will continue to be seen both in Apple and the IT industry.  He revolutionized not only the computer industry, but also the way we get and listen to music, use our phones, take and store photos, and attain instant information with the simple touch of our finger. His life, lessons and influence will continue to live on for years to come. And while there are others that have contributed in large ways to the technology industry, it is fair to say that he not only contributed, but he revolutionized our entire “lifestyle”.

Accidental Marketing?

By Amanda Bala

So, if you have read any of my blog posts, you know that I am a big fan of Emily Giffin.  I love her books and I also I think that she is a genius when it comes to marketing and promoting her work. So, it should not come as a big surprise that I also am a “fan” of a lot of her Facebook pages or ones that pertain to her.  Recently, I “liked” a page that I thought was about her book and possible upcoming movie, Something Blue.  A few weeks later, I ended up getting an unexpected yet pleasant surprise…

About a week ago, I logged onto Facebook and got a message from the Something Blue fan page I had subscribed to.  The first post read, “WOW!  I just noticed that Something Blue has 43,281 fans… last time I looked it was hovering around 2000.  WELCOME!  Stay tuned for great deals and interesting facts” Now, looking at this post I realized it was for a jewelry page.  I had not subscribed to a jewelry page… what was going on?  The next post explained it all, “It looks like many of you are here by accident.  Not sure how it happened, it was suggested that Facebook merged similar groups/pages?  This page is for Something Blue handcrafted jewelry, not Something Blue the book by Emily Giffin. But, if you like the jewelry too, I invite you to stay for a special Sale event!  Visit my shop and receive 25% off your ENTIRE purchase…” 

Though I was slightly disappointed that I would not be receiving updates on how the “Something Blue” movie was going, I did look through some of the jewelry on the site.  What I found was some absolutely stunning pieces of jewelery!  I, like so many others, decided to not only stay a fan to the page but to also purchase some jewelry.

It got me to thinking about how fortunate a mistake this was for the owner of Something Blue Jewelry, or as she refers to it, “A Match Made on Facebook…”  She went from having around 2000 fans to having almost 45,000 fans.  As of August 18, 2011 she was anticipating her 2000th sale.  With the amount of new fans that have been introduced to her work, I would guess that she has doubled, if not tripled her business in the past 3 weeks.  Plus the fact that she so graciously offered a discount to those of us that had been put onto her site by accident.  Great marketing!  With her wonderful products and good customer service, I would not be surprised to see Something Blue Jewelry take off!  I will definitely recommend the site to friends and I am sure I am not the only one. 

So, in this case of accidental marketing, I would have to say that we are all winners.  Something Blue Jewelry gets more customers and we get some fabulous jewelry.  I can only hope that the owner sends a beautiful thank you and maybe a gorgeous necklace to Emily!