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Making Your Newsletter Great

By Amanda Bala 

Now that we have seen the importance of having a newsletter, the next step is to make it fun and appealing.  How does that work?  There are many different aspects of a great newsletter and we will explore what things you can do to ensure that yours is the best around!

To begin, we need to look at the content of your newsletter.  Good content will meet the needs and expectations of your readers.  You want to be sure that you are providing information that will benefit your readers.  This is the most important key: It must be for them… no you.  You also want to make sure that the content you chose is easy to read not dull.  People want to be entertained as they are informed.

Next, you want your design and layout to be attractive.  It needs to be eye catching, but avoid being too busy.  You want to be consistent, but also use contrast.  What does that mean exactly?  Well, you want to be consistent in the layout of your newsletter.  Try and keep your typefaces to a minimum.  Nothing makes a newsletter harder to read then a million different kinds of typeface.  You also should use a template to keep your formatting consistent as well.  Be sure to always add your logo to the newsletter and try to keep it in the same place on each edition.  Lastly you want to keep your branding the same throughout every newsletter you send out.  Your branding is your company.  It is what people think of when your business comes to mind.  It is that important!

However, you also want to use contrast in your newsletter.  Bold your headlines, especially if they are ones that you feel are extremely important to your readers.  Use font size to help make different aspects of your newsletter stand out.  The use of headers and footers helps to clarify items of interest that you have included as well.  It is great to add pictures and that compliment your content.

Take the time to make your newsletter fun, informative and interesting to those that are taking the time to read it.  Your newsletter is an extension of your company and therefore of you.  Be sure that it represents the best you have to offer and it will be a success!

Is Your Newsletter Newsworthy?

 By Amanda Bala

Maybe your business has a company newsletter, or maybe you are considering starting one.  Well, the questions that should always be foremost in your mind are; why is it necessary to have a newsletter?  What benefits are there to having one?  What constitutes a good newsletter?  Finally, what should be included in your newsletter?  In this article, we will discuss why newsletters are necessary and how they can benefit your company.  In our next entry, we will cover how to make your newsletter stand out and be informative as well as aesthetically pleasing to your readers.

There are many reasons and benefits to having a company newsletter.  A newsletter is a great way to keep in touch with your existing clientele.  It keeps you in front of them.  It is six times more costly to make a sale to a new customer than to an already existing one. By using a newsletter you can focus your marketing on customers you already have. Even if you are not doing business with them at the moment, it is a constant reminder that you are still there.  Then, the next time they are looking for expertise in your area, you will be the one they think of. 

Newsletters are also good because you can put coupons or offers into the newsletter.  This can entice your clients to do repeat business with you.  Or, they may see an offer that they feel would benefit someone they know and pass it along.  However, you do want to be careful in this area.  Do not fill your newsletter full of too many offers and deals.  You are not looking for a hard sell.  Nothing will turn clients off faster than reading “act now or lose out” on every page. 

Newsletters are also helpful because they give your company a voice, a persona that clients and readers can connect to.  It makes you more approachable and relatable.  You want to fill it full of interesting happenings in your company and your industry.  Be sure to keep readers apprised of fast breaking news and success stories of both your company and your clients.  However, do tread lightly when speaking of your successes.  It is fine to toot your own horn a bit, but do not make it so that your newsletter is only full of highlights of business success.  People eventually will start to think, “So, what?  How does this help me?” 

In the end, it is ultimately up to you if you want to start a company newsletter.  You have to weigh the benefits you may receive to the time and money that you will put putting into the newsletter.   If printed newsletters are too expensive, consider an e-mail newsletter sent to people who subscribe at your web site.  Either way, a newsletter can be a useful tool to help your business.