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Making Your Event Sizzle

By Amanda Bala

Now that you know how to plan a great event (It’s My Party and I’ll Plan How I Want to?), there are other issues you will face as event time draws closer.  Once you have chosen the time, date, audience and venue for your company event, the next item on your list should be advertising and promotion.  We have put together some advertising and promotion tips as well as ideas on how to make sure your event comes off professionally and runs as smoothly as possible.

Use many different forms of advertising to promote the event.  There are the obvious channels that you can use to promote your event such a television, radio and print.  However, these can be costly.  Make sure that you determine if these forms of media will be beneficial in getting to your target audience.  You can also list your event in the events section of your local newspapers, on local television stations’ events pages and on their websites.  Most times, there is no charge to do this. 

Don’t forget social media!  You should have a landing page for your event, especially if it is a larger event and promote this landing page.  If you promote the event online, provide a link directly to this landing page.  Once you have a page created, make sure to list it on sites such as and  These specific sites showcase upcoming events.  Also, you want to put an invitation out on LinkedIn to your fellow business friends.  Lastly, be sure to use your company Twitter and FaceBook pages (if you don’t have these, you should create them!) to periodically promote the event.  You want to start at least a month before the event and post one to two times a week about the event.  Be sure to give tantalizing information that will make people want to attend!

Keep your event running smoothly.   This seems so obvious, but you would be surprised how many opportunities for success people miss during their event.  First, be sure to set aside enough time at the beginning so you can mingle and network with your audience.  You do not want to separate yourself from your audience.  You want to interact with them and be personable.  Next, be sure that you are aware of everything that is going on throughout the event.  Make sure that you are on the up and up about the venue, the staff, the food, beverages, etc.  The last thing you want is for the audience to be focused on these things rather than what you are saying.  If need be, hire someone to help you here since you might be presenting and unable to give this the proper attention.  Lastly, be sure that everywhere people look, your company name and logo are featured prominently.  You want people to leave thinking of you and your business!

Event time for a business should be all about who you are, what you stand for and how you benefit your audience.  This is a time to allow your company to shine.  Have fun, keep it exciting and people will have good time and come back for more!

It’s My Party and I’ll Plan How I Want To?

By Amanda Bala

The time has come… it is your first big company event.  You sit down to start the planning and then what?  Do you know how to create an event that sizzles and will put the spotlight on your company?  This first event can either show your business as the blockbuster that it is or else it can put people to sleep with its lackluster presentation.  Which one it is, is up to you.

There are some crucial things to keep in mind when planning a company event. You want to make sure that all your bases are covered and you know what your expectations are.  You want to be able to answer the 5 age old questions; Who? What? Where? When? and Why?

Who:  Be sure to know who your target audience is.  You do not want to present your information to a demographic that is not interested in your product.  Also, be sure to choose the right team for the event.  More is not necessarily better.  Pick one or two key players that can assist you in the areas that you need. 

What?  Be sure to communicate your message clearly. There is nothing worse than having your audience leave confused about what they heard.  Know how you can benefit these potential clientele and be able to convey that to them. 

Where?  Pick a venue that will showcase you and your company.  Be sure that it is easily accessible and that you provide directions on your event website, invitations and event promotion.

When?  Pick a date and time when your target audience will be available.  For example, if you are hosting an event that targets school teachers, noon on a weekday would not be advisable.  Be sure to select a time that works for your audience as well as for you.

Why?  Lastly, be sure to set clear, smart objectives.  Know why you are hosting this event.  Is it to give information to potential clients?  Is it to gain leads?  Is it simply for networking purposes?  Be sure to know what you are trying to achieve so you can measure how effective it was after the event is over.   

Once you have answered these questions, you are well on your way to planning a spectacular event.  The next steps are to ensure that you get people to the event and that it runs smoothly.  In our next blog article, we will discuss ways that you can make sure both of these things happen!  Check back with us next week for “Making Your Event Sizzle”.