Life Lessons We can Learn from Steve Jobs

By Amanda Bala

While it is true that an icon has passed on well before his time, we can all agree that there is a lot to be learned from Steve Jobs.  He was a true visionary, an innovator that never gave up on his dream. He had a rare creative genius that we may never see the likes of again in our lifetime. 

At the beginning, Jobs main focus was to ensure that the creativity and “enchantment” of the computer industry never died.  Up until the time of his passing, he never lost that focus.  He was widely respected for his drive and straight forward thinking. He taught product designers, software techs, business execs and the public more about what we need in digital products rather than what we think we want. 

Many times over the years, Jobs and Apple were considered down and out, yesterday’s news.  However, not only did Jobs never see it that way… he never gave up trying.  Even when he parted ways with Macintosh for a short while in the mid 80’s, he remained focused and set on what he wanted for the computer industry. 

It was at this time, Jobs took a leap of faith and purchased Pixar in 1986.  This was long before anyone had ever thought of doing a full CGI film. In the beginning, Jobs did not even envision that.  Pixar started off by making computer generated 3-D objects, not movies.  But once again, Jobs used his vision and managerial skills and listened to his team.  The result… Toy Story. The rest is CGI history! 

Once reunited with Apple, Jobs knew that it was more important to have a quality product that people loved and would remain loyal to, rather than mass produce a bunch of merchandise that would leave users frustrated and shopping around for a new brand.  While other computer companies discount, rebate and wheel and deal with the best of them, Jobs felt that even if they only catered to 5% of the population, he would create a quality product that would keep that 5% loyal and happy.  And he succeeded.

Even after his passing, Jobs vision and influence will continue to be seen both in Apple and the IT industry.  He revolutionized not only the computer industry, but also the way we get and listen to music, use our phones, take and store photos, and attain instant information with the simple touch of our finger. His life, lessons and influence will continue to live on for years to come. And while there are others that have contributed in large ways to the technology industry, it is fair to say that he not only contributed, but he revolutionized our entire “lifestyle”.

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