Accidental Marketing?

By Amanda Bala

So, if you have read any of my blog posts, you know that I am a big fan of Emily Giffin.  I love her books and I also I think that she is a genius when it comes to marketing and promoting her work. So, it should not come as a big surprise that I also am a “fan” of a lot of her Facebook pages or ones that pertain to her.  Recently, I “liked” a page that I thought was about her book and possible upcoming movie, Something Blue.  A few weeks later, I ended up getting an unexpected yet pleasant surprise…

About a week ago, I logged onto Facebook and got a message from the Something Blue fan page I had subscribed to.  The first post read, “WOW!  I just noticed that Something Blue has 43,281 fans… last time I looked it was hovering around 2000.  WELCOME!  Stay tuned for great deals and interesting facts” Now, looking at this post I realized it was for a jewelry page.  I had not subscribed to a jewelry page… what was going on?  The next post explained it all, “It looks like many of you are here by accident.  Not sure how it happened, it was suggested that Facebook merged similar groups/pages?  This page is for Something Blue handcrafted jewelry, not Something Blue the book by Emily Giffin. But, if you like the jewelry too, I invite you to stay for a special Sale event!  Visit my shop and receive 25% off your ENTIRE purchase…” 

Though I was slightly disappointed that I would not be receiving updates on how the “Something Blue” movie was going, I did look through some of the jewelry on the site.  What I found was some absolutely stunning pieces of jewelery!  I, like so many others, decided to not only stay a fan to the page but to also purchase some jewelry.

It got me to thinking about how fortunate a mistake this was for the owner of Something Blue Jewelry, or as she refers to it, “A Match Made on Facebook…”  She went from having around 2000 fans to having almost 45,000 fans.  As of August 18, 2011 she was anticipating her 2000th sale.  With the amount of new fans that have been introduced to her work, I would guess that she has doubled, if not tripled her business in the past 3 weeks.  Plus the fact that she so graciously offered a discount to those of us that had been put onto her site by accident.  Great marketing!  With her wonderful products and good customer service, I would not be surprised to see Something Blue Jewelry take off!  I will definitely recommend the site to friends and I am sure I am not the only one. 

So, in this case of accidental marketing, I would have to say that we are all winners.  Something Blue Jewelry gets more customers and we get some fabulous jewelry.  I can only hope that the owner sends a beautiful thank you and maybe a gorgeous necklace to Emily!

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