The Marketing Equation (Part 1)


By Amanda Bala

Every business wants to be successful.  Whether it is by bringing in new clients, selling a product or simply by getting their name out, in the end, it is all about how well you can sell yourself.  How does this work?  Marketing!  It sounds easy enough, right?  Well, not all the time. 

Every day businesses implement marketing strategies.  Some of these are extremely successful and other fail miserably.  Why?  The answer is the marketing equation.  This equation is made up of four simple components: 1) Reach the right audience 2) At the right time 3) With the right message 4) Using the right media. 

Sounds easy right?  Yet, business owners of all kinds struggle to get this right and spend a lot of money in the meantime.  The real key to this is that you have to use the whole equation.  There are no shortcuts or cutting corners.  If any component is missing… you will be wasting money.  So let’s try it out:

You have the right audience + the right time + the right message… but you’re using the wrong media = wasted money, time and effort.

Let’s try again:  You have the right message + the right media + the right time… but you’re targeting the wrong audience = wasted money, time and effort.

And we could keep going… but I promise you that the results will be the same.  If all 4 items are not in place, you most likely will not be happy with your results. Furthermore… if 2, 3 or all 4 of these items are out of whack, then you may never market your business again convinced that it just doesn’t work.

Believe me… Marketing does work.  You just need to master the marketing equation!

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