Taking the Worry Out of Vlogging

By Amanda Bala

Blogging should be a crucial component in any businesses marketing strategy. Businesses that have a blog get found easier on search engines, establish themselves as leaders in their field, and earn more respect and credibility.  However, it is not just blogging that is making waves right now. Vlogging (video blogging) is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s business world.

Many business owners are hesitant to start a video blog.  There usually are three main concerns when it comes to doing videos:

1.      It is too expensive.  This is really not the case at all anymore.  Technology has come so far that you can pick up the equipment for relatively little cost.  Even some of the smart phones that people have today, like the iPhone 4, take great video. 

2.      The technology is too complicated for me.   Again, technology has come so far, that just about anyone can become a video rock star!  The abundance of cameras and web programs really simplifies the need for a large background understanding of technology.

3.      I will look silly. This is a fear that unfortunately runs a bit more personal.  This is one that you really just have to get over.  If you have great content, no one is really going to be worrying about how you look.  Gone are the days where your video content must looking like it was done by a professional production company.  Now it is all about what you have to say.  And remember, you will get better and more comfortable with video the more you do it!

Vlogging is becoming more mainstream by the minute.  By beginning a Vlog now, you will get a jumpstart on your competition.  Check out our next blog article, The Top 5 Reasons Why Video Content Is King, and get your self vlogging today!

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