Branching Out Your Marketing Campaign

                                                                                                                           By Amanda Bala

Ask ten people what the definition of marketing is and you will get ten different answers.  Each individual has their own idea of exactly what marketing entails.  However, it is important in any business to have at least a basic understanding of the fundamental steps of marketing.  So here they are.

There are four main aspects that make up an effective marketing campaign; research, strategy, tactics and tracking results.  Each is necessary, though not individually sufficient, for a successful marketing campaign.  Many people perceive marketing to be completely creative.  In reality, it is based upon researched information, planned strategies and tactics, as well as quantitative statistics and facts.  Building a marketing campaign from the ground up using these components will ensure an easier, organized process and desirable results.

Here’s an analogy.  Consider the four components of a marketing campaign as the growth of a tree:

The Roots = Research.  Thorough research equals strong roots.  Without hearty, deep roots a tree cannot grow and flourish.  The same can be said about marketing.  When putting together a marketing campaign, without strong research digging into your target audience, competition and the marketplace, chances are your campaign will go nowhere.

The Trunk = Marketing Strategy: A strong trunk supports a tree. This is the who, what, when, where, why, how and how much.  Researched strategies are put in place based upon each individual business.  A strategy that works well for one type of business may not work for another.  It is important to determine the right strategy conducive to your specific business.

The Branches = Marketing Tactics: Branches spawn from the trunk, and reach out and spread.  Each different marketing tactic that your business uses to promote itself is like a separate branch.  Your website is one branch, social networking is another, PR, advertising, tradeshows and so on… are all individual branches. Then with time, nurturing and consistency, the branches grow, fill out and demand attention.

The final aspect of marketing is tracking the results of the campaign.  This parallels watching a tree grow.  How do you know if your tree is growing if you don’t pay attention to it?  Sometimes you may need to trim branches, water it more, or take special care of it… this is all done by paying attention and tracking its progress. 

You cannot set a tree on the ground and expect that it will grow.  You must take careful steps to ensure that it will flourish.  The same is true of your marketing campaign.  By taking the time to research, establish strategies & tactics, and track your progress, your marketing platform is sure to grow and prosper. 

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