5 Reasons that Social Media is Good for YOU!

By Amanda Bala

Are you still not convinced that social media will work for you and your business?  Do you think that it is just a trend that is going to end soon?  Well here are 5 reasons that should convince you to jump on the bandwagon… NOW!

Social media is here to stay.  Not a fair weathered friend, social media has solidified its place in the business world.  Blogs and social media sites are key components of most successful marketing strategies. 

Social media is easy to start.  It does not take much effort to get the ball rolling on a social media campaign.  Twitter, Linked In, Facebook and blogs all take very short amounts of time to set up. 

Social media has low cost.  Besides the time it takes to maintain your sites (and we all know that time is money), social media is very cost efficient.  Facebook, Twitter and Linked In cost nothing.  Depending on the blog platform you choose, your blog can cost you nothing to very little. 

Social media helps with SEO.  In the end, it is all about being found by your potential customers.  Nothing works better than good SEO.  Social media exposure and good blog content are essential when increasing your SEO.

Social media allows you constant contact.  You can use your blog and social media sites to keep in front of your target audience.  You can get feedback through blog comments and interaction through the different social sites.

So, in the end the question remains… are you in or are you out?  If you still refuse to get with the times, you will be left behind by the competition.

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