2013… Make it or Break it?

By Amanda Bala

2013… another year is here. The question is, are you ready for it? We all know that people make resolutions each year (many of which are broken by the end of January). But what about from a business standpoint? What resolutions can you make as a business owner that will help you to grow and prosper in this New Year? In addition, how can you keep those resolutions achievable so you are not one of the many that fall victim to breaking their resolve before the month is even up?

First of all, keep it simple. Set goals that are attainable. Next, write your resolutions down and keep them some place where you can look at them often. By doing this, you will constantly be reminded of what it is you want to achieve. Finally, share your goals with others. Whether it is staff, friends or family, by letting others in on what you are doing, it holds you accountable to keep going.

When figuring out exactly what resolutions to set for the year, it is good to reflect back on the previous year. How was 2012 for your business? What things happened, both positive and negative? Did you accomplish all that you wanted to?  If not, what happened that stopped you? Use all of this information to set your new goals for 2013.

What kind of resolutions should you make? Well, that is obviously dependent on your business. However, here are three good resolutions that can be used by just about any business owner.

Build your business. Let’s get right to it. It is now or never. Get those numbers that you want down on paper. If you are looking to gain X number of clients, write it down. If you are looking to do X amount of sales, write that down as well. Be realistic, but also push yourself a bit so that you work hard to achieve your goals.

Spend and waste less. Look at your business and find ways in which you can reduce waste and lost energy. By reducing the amount of paper you use and turning off unused equipment and unessential lights, you will be surprised at the amount of money and energy you can save.

Be a better communicator. When dealing with clients and staff, it is always amusing how much can get lost in an email. Even if the email is received, it is not always taken the way it is intended. Be sure to follow up with a phone call or additional email if you have not heard back about your inquiry in a timely manner. In addition, don’t rely solely on email. Sometimes we get lost in all the technology that is available to us. However, when something is really important, take the time to sit down and discuss it, face to face.

So, there you have it. Don’t be afraid to push yourself. This is your life… your business. Get out there and make it happen this year! Happy 2013!


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