FB Timeline for Businesses… Will it Happen?

By Amanda Bala

As Facebook users get ready for the site wide implementation of the Facebook timeline for all profiles, businesses will have to wait for their turn to try it out. As of right now, the Facebook Timeline is not available to businesses and there is no word on when it will be ready, if ever, for marketers.

Many users have a love/hate relationship with FB and the changes that they implement. This is certainly true of the timeline. Some users rave about the functionality and character it gives to the page. Others flat out hate the way it looks, comparing it to My Space and arguing that it it was fine the way it was. Whatever your opinion of the timeline, if you are a business, you don’t have a choice about using it.

At the present time, the social networking giant is not allowing brands to create Timeline pages. There is no set date when they will do this, though they have hinted that it will happen. They issued a statement that, simply put, said they are focusing on the Timeline for individuals at this point, but are considering how to make it consistent for Pages as well.

There is argument on both sides to whether Timeline function will even work for marketers. Some users believe that it won’t work because it so personal and individual. Others feel that is exactly why it will work for brands. Either way, we will not be able know how it works until FB makes it available for pages.

However, with both Twitter and Google+ making changes to their sites that favor marketers in recent months, FB may feel a little more pressure to get the Timeline ready for businesses sooner rather than later. As of November, Google+ allowed brand pages and Twitter did the same. So, FB no longer has the monopoly for marketers on social media sites. How will that effect their decision to create the Timeline for Pages… only time will tell!


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