Vivo Wellness Center

Vivo Wellness Center was once known as Healing Waters Cleansing Center, however when they moved into a larger facility and went from solely providing colon hydrotherapy treatments to offering 10 different holistic health services, they had to change their name.

Delicious Marketing came up with the word “Vivo” under the criteria that the client wanted something Italian.  Vivo means “to live” which is very much in line with the mission and offering of their holistic wellness center.  After the name was determines, a logo and brand was developed.

With the website, the client wanted a very “textured” but soft look and feel.  In addition, she had a professional photographer take abstract pictures of various parts of the center including an angel statue and bamboo.  These two photos are incorporated into the design of the website in a subtle and meaningful manner.

Vivo Logo Vivo Business Cards Vivo Website