DIVDAT already had their logo, some branded materials and a website.  They came to Delicious Marketing wanting us to develop professional and attractive sales materials for their sales team to hand out at trade shows and to leave behind at meetings.

We needed to start with their positioning.  DIVDAT is a data processing technology company… exactly… what is that?  So our approach was to position them in a manner that was easy, by simply stating the benefits of their service which is to ultimately help their clients Get Paid Faster.

DIVDAT serves several specific verticals in which we developed specific industry one sheets.  It is important to customize these materials per vertical since you don’t want to talk to a Utilities company in the same manner and with the same lingo as a healthcare company.

In addition to the one sheets, Divdat also had an existing service chart that they called their CashLinc offering.  This chart was very confusing and very sterile.  Delicious Marketing re-created it making it much more viewer-friendly and easier to understand.

DIVDAT One Sheets DIVDAT CashLINC Graphic