Avoiding Marketing Mistakes

By Amanda Bala

Are you a small business owner?  If the answer is yes, are you doing everything you can to make sure that your marketing dollars are working for you?  Running a small business can be a risky endeavor, but when it comes to marketing strategies and tactics, you can rest easy knowing that by avoiding a few simple mistakes, you can stretch those invested dollars and make them work for you! 

According to The Reach Group’s Free Agent Formula—created by Cheri Hanson, Lisa Johnson and Cassie Pruett—here are 4 top mistakes that entrepreneurs make. 

Mistake #1 – Get Passionate.  Often times businesses are created solely on making money instead of following your strengths. If you simply set up your business to make money, it is not likely to thrive.  Unless you have a passion for your product or service, you are already starting at a disadvantage.  With a true passion comes a deeper understanding of a product or service therefore putting you ahead of the competition. 

Mistake #2 – Be Different.  This often made mistake is matching your competitors instead of differentiating and finding your niche.  A person will see a company that is doing good business and try to mold their company to be exactly the same.  What they fail to realize is that people do not want the same.  People are looking for new and innovative. There is something to be said about surprising people with a fun new product or service.  Find your niche and go with it!

Mistake #3 – It’s not About You.  Another big mistake that business owners make is packaging products from your perspective, not that of your customers. When selling your product or service, it’s not about you or your company; it’s about your customers and how you can benefit them.  If you don’t know what your customers are looking for, then ask them.  Create a survey or ask around.  Make sure all of your marketing appeals to them… not you.

Mistake #4 – Don’t Wait to be Found.   Rather then waiting for established media to discover and cover you, go out and create your own buzz.   Things like blogging, writing articles, using social media sites and keeping your website updated and fresh all help.  Offer resource guides, podcasts, photos or video clips.  These are all ways to market your business rather than wait to be discovered by someone else. 

Every business wants to succeed.  Every business owner wants to know that they are doing all they can to make this happen.  One great way to do this is to learn by others mistakes and avoid the traps and pitfalls that they have fallen into.

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